Emanuela Ruzziconi was born in the province of Perugia in 1952. Since small approaches to painting and after graduating high school teacher of self is a prolific expression in art of creativity. Emanuela paints with sincere emotional involvement, investigating the world of nature and enchanting landscape formations. His works portray a reality lived with feeling, beautiful and vital to relax in the vast countryside, forests, sea coasts which is dominated by a bright sky. The brush used safely, recreates images immediately seized en plein air in ritmato compenetration of light and color spread in a harmonious overview.

Painting is constantly pervaded by a sense of lyrical contemplation of nature and things and a vital emotional participation in the events, even the most minute, the human, environmental and religious, which gives inspiration to the suggestive fervent imagination of the artist. A report backed by warm feelings league Emanuela subjects, whether distant or enchanting landscapes of his land of origin of civilization reasons Umbrian cultured elements in the spontaneous natural dell'alternarsi seasons.

His remarkable ability paintings are always keenly filtered by a fantasy made with synthetic and immediate. Emanuela assigns to images painted vibrations that emerge in its interior, its condensandovi lived, the feelings that the perception collects with spigliata intuition sedimentandole in memory, the meditations matured into a fruitful experience of life. In her works she balances forms and perspectives that resumed preferably from the truth ritmando with impressionistici accent colors, lights and the atmosphere is set by the specific identity of the images seized in en plein air and in a full size painting of vitality.

The landscapes, nature, the forests that use frequently in his paintings symbolically refer to a report of the serene environment. The meditative tension that is communicated to the colors, persuasively amplifying the intensity of feelings that underlie them. This varied interpretative capacity indicates a significant ductility expressive, which Emauela confirmed by the completeness and fluency of his style, favoring admirably variety of messages we transmit. Artist experienced and versatile, especially shows an excellent colourist, umetnim vivacity with the stamps and tonal variations that extracts from a rich palette thickness giving images with a brilliant articulation of matching color, light and shadows. Emanuela's art helps us to rediscover the beauty of things, the importance of feelings and human relations in an age that often tends to underestimate these values to pursue the false myths; an art that allows the creativity and transfiguring lyrical inspiration of a sincere and sensitive artist who always looks to reality and life with love.

In works by Emanuela confluence of feelings, impressions, images that the artist collects from its inexhaustible and fruitful dialogue with nature and things, in a perennial search for content and values encouraged by a vivid observation and ability to reprocess. For her art is a passion ... that feels inside and is released immediately ... favoring the innate sensitivity that allows her to perceive with lyricism transfiguring the faces changing of the seasons, palpiti secrets of nature. The artist draws pictorial reasons of great charm, generating creative talent in his heartfelt meditations, unexpected reverberations of memories sopite and an acute desire for serenity, effectively find reasons expressed by his style where reality and emotions are ricompongono with poetic interaction.

Osservatrice careful of natural reality with which enters in a relationship, it brings out in his works and the beauty obvious secret intridendole thrills of his emozionalitÓ. Meticulous care with the plant-formal and color of his paintings, re-creating the atmosphere in which takes actors, animandoli vital to the lively rhythms of colouring inlays, lights and shadows. A happy germinata from the inspiration of nature in all its happiest expressions of beauty pictorial guide the operation that concentrates in its images of the thrills alive sensitivity, in full coherence of a concept of art that, as she herself says, it is clear overall harmony.

Among his bright colors range solar and intense moods of green, the image offers view of the thin wire that sentiment derived from the first visual sensation, returned in a figural clearly identifies that the desire to remain faithful to that observed, in possession of a place that becomes acquisition continued. The color-changing, transparent waters of the small sea nestled in the hills, intricarsi green leaves of the trees in the forests are lush routes happy that exalt. Details calibrations pictorial addenzate retention of emotion are to be recorded in the snow, runs by the applicant in various techniques. Leave to seize here, a vision almost immediacy impressionistica; recognition of the place is discioglie brightness in the snow, ready to undo every contour and suggest some secrets of atmospheres palpiti lost. Review

 edited by Carla Zucchi